Apr 13 2015

Senior Art Majors C’15: FOUR, April 17th-May 9th, 2015

The University Art Gallery presents FOUR, an exhibition of work by graduating art majors Andy Daverman, Megan Ebel, Margaret McClain, and Trigg Summs. Layering, collage, appropriation, and manipulation create new ways of looking at the world. Topographic-like images of dazzling color contrast with the soft gray scale of skulls and bones. The cool flatness of digitally created images is juxtaposed with the detailed lines and patterns of hand-drawn figures rendered in pen. With distinct styles and techniques, the artists invite the viewer into internal worlds marked by distortion, glitches, decay, and transformation.

Please join us! On Friday, April 17 at 4:30 pm the exhibition will open with a reception in the University Art Gallery. On April 18, the artists will present their work in Convocation Hall, beginning at 1:30 pm. On Saturday, May 9 from 1:00-3:00 pm, the University Art Gallery will host a Baccalaureate Reception, celebrating the seniors and the close of the 2014-2015 exhibition season!

FOUR exhibition announcement


Andy Daverman comes from Nashville, TN. His drawings, paintings, and mixed media digital pieces have a graphic, illustrative style. Daverman creates worlds with conflicting, contradictory, and sometimes violent elements to evoke implied narratives that capture the viewer’s imagination.

Born in 1992 in Ottawa, Ontario, Megan Ebel has focused her studies at the University of the South on film and sculpture.  Exploring social movements and activism, her work often represents the human experience in a biographical or diaristic fashion. By ornamenting historic images or symbols with references to street art, and by disrupting and distorting appropriated images, she examines our reactions to the manipulation of social conflict. Ebel’s work can be found in public and private art spaces, in Missouri, Texas, and Tennessee. After graduation she is planning to live and work in Houston, Texas.

Margaret McClain is originally from Wilmington, NC. During her time as a student at the University of the South, her paintings and drawings have been exhibited at local Sewanee venues, including Stirling’s Coffee House and IONA: Art Sanctuary. She uses a variety of media – drawing, painting, collage, and film photography – to explore animal forms and the effects of environmental disruption on different species. After graduation she plans to move to Denver, CO to pursue a career in design.

Trigg Summs was raised in Cookeville, TN. His studio practice at the University of the South has focused on drawing and digital arts. He pulls forms from the environment, distorts them, and covers their surfaces with dense patterns to explore relationships.


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